Lars T. Ugland

"Feng Li"

LT Ugland Shipping has, as its non-executive Chairman, a man who brings vast experience from the shipping world. Lars T. Ugland, a Norwegian, comes from a long line of shipowners, builders, charterers and managers. The Ugland family is world renowned in shipping and Lars T. Ugland’s involvement as either Chairman, Director or Board Member in the various Ugland companies has equipped him with a knowledge of shipping second to none. From tug boats to barges, anchor handlers, crane ships, product tankers, bulk carriers and the most technically advanced shuttle tankers, Lars T. Ugland has been involved with their construction, management, chartering, operation, sale and purchase throughout his career. With this experience comes his deep personal commitment to continuing his family’s fine traditions of integrity and sound judgement, together with unflinching drive and motivation for the continued success of the company that bears his name.